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Helping lost and found animals to return home

When a beloved animal companion disappears the owners usually become extremely distraught and anxious. Most of the time, though, they do not know where to turn to for help, how to distribute information on the lost animal and where to look for him/her.

The people who see a confused, scared, lost animal wandering on the street often feel the urge to help but do not have the means or space to take it in and cannot imagine what else they could do.

Every year, thousands of animals in Lithuania are destroyed by local animal control agencies only because their owners could not be found or because the owners themselves failed to find the lost animal within due time. In order to protect the lost animals from such fate, we established the Lost-and-Found Animal information line with the goal of promptly reuniting the lost and found animals with their owners through dissemination of timely and prompt information.

Every time a stray animal ends up in our care, it gets examined by the veterinary specialist who also searches for any identification clues - microchips, tattoos, etc. All the animals remain in our care for at least 14 days, allowing for some time during which the owners may find them. Our volunteers inform local veterinary clinics, animal welfare and control agencies, and other relevant entities that may be helpful in locating the owners, about found animals, as well as publish advertisements on our online website. Due to their efforts, numerous animals have already been reunited with their owners and safely returned to their homes.