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Free-of-Charge Counseling for Pet Owners

Whenever pet behavior problems occur, people tend to be overwhelmed and sometimes prefer going the easiest route by just refusing the animal. Others do try to continue keeping their pet even if it makes their lives difficult at home, causes trouble for their neighbors or when walking the animal in public spaces. Animal behavior problems tend to arise due to various circumstances that may involve the animal's character, living environment or the owner's behavior and/or attitudes. Thus, each case usually requires an individual approach.

Our initiative to establish a free-of-charge counseling phone line on dog and cat behavior issues now evolved to providing consultations on everyday basis not only for the new owners of our adopted animals but also to any frustrated dog or cat owner who can call or email us, seeking advice or referral to other sources of information on whatever issue they are dealing with.

The goals of our dog and cat behavior counseling phone line are as follows:
• helping new dog and/or cat owners to successfully accommodate the new addition to their household in new surroundings;
• helping pet owners control and/or change undesirable animal behavior;
• reducing the numbers of surrendered/abandoned cats and dogs which are often exacerbated by new or pre-existing animal behavior issues;
• collecting statistical data on common dog and cat behavior problems and establishing significant trends that would be helpful in assuring successful pet ownership and allow us to better direct our educational and public information efforts.