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Public Education and Information

Whenever children grow up seeing their parents behaving in a negligent manner towards animals - abusing, neglecting or just throwing them away after getting bored with playing pet parents, it is more than likely they will behave the same way and, later on, will "teach" their ways to their own children. However, if these children could have the opportunity to better understand the needs of animals, their attitudes could change.

We have no doubt that the workshops we organize at schools, the media advertisements, educational booklets and other materials we create and distribute can help both children and adults to understand that cruelty towards animals is NOT what they deserve.

It often happens that the owners abandon their pets whenever animal behavior problems arise as, due to the lack of specific skills and experience, many people seem to be incapable of effectively addressing these issues. In such cases the owners are in dire need of information on how to resolve the problem and/or to obtain a referral to a qualified specialist. Oftentimes, after such help is provided, with just a little patience and understanding the friendship between an animal and a human comes back to a new and happy life.